Crossbow Laws and Where to Fire

UK Crossbow Laws and Where to Fire your Bow

Crossbow ownership and use in the UK is on the rise and as long as we are responsible with them and who we sell them to, they will remain 100% legal.

Although they are legal, there are strict rules on where we can shoot them and who we, as sellers, can sell them to. The main laws that govern crossbows are as follows (these are in our own words to keep it simple, we take no responsibility for missing or incorrect information although, to our knowledge all the information provided is correct):

  1. Crossbows must NOT sold to anyone under the age of 18. This is reasonable and fair and although there are many responsible under 18s we think this is a well founded law and helps keep misuse to a minimum, it's all about safety. Every new customer is age checked using an external system governed by data protection laws and used by other industries such as online gambling. The system relies that you can be found on the electoral roll, if you fail the age check we will the send an email requesting a copy of official ID e.g. drivers license or passport to be sent to us via email or picture message (any sensitive information can be obscured) , if you cannot provide this we will refund you.
  2. You may not use a crossbow for hunting in the UK. Many other countries in Europe and the US are allowed to hunt with crossbows but not in the UK.
  3. You may only shoot crossbows on private land, this includes gardens, farms/fields or crossbow/archery clubs however you must always have the owners permission.
  4. They are 100% legal to own but this doesn't mean you can walk down the street with one, in this case it would be classed as offensive weapon and you may be arrested. If you have one in the back of your car un-cocked, on the way to somewhere you can legally shoot, you will not have any problems.

This is a basic outline of the crossbow laws in the UK, for more detailed wording and exact laws you need to check the relevant government documents.