Emergency Preparation and News

World War 3? Our World Is Changing.

The world has changed.  Things aren’t what they used to be...

Two phrases that, under normal circumstances most of us say now and again, in passing.

But the fact is, the world of today is a much different place to those days of old, if you had read this article a few years ago, you might well think it full of overly dramatic concepts, hyperbole, even scaremongering. Yet here we are.

The United States and North Korea are nose to nose, civil unrest is on the news daily, and the global threat from terror has never been greater, these are facts, and there is no escaping them...

The world really has changed, and things are most definitely not what they used to be.

Emergency preparedness has never been more important, if UK preppers disregard the hype, the politics and the ever-growing unrest in the world, and simply focus on doing what is best for you, and your family.  There has never been a more relevant time to ensure you have stocks of survival food, ration packs, meals, ready-to-eat (MRE), even survival tools and survival gear.

Round about now you are probably thinking along the lines of over reaction, even paranoia, but take some time to think it over; You buy home insurance, you always ensure you have breakdown cover, you might even have a first aid box in the house, or candles in case of a power cut.

Emergency preparation for a larger scale event is no different...

Keeping a stock of ration packs, survival tools and even the most basic survival gear in your home, ready in case you ever need them and having a well-thought out plan in case of conflict, or disaster is emergency preparedness at its very best. It will give you peace of mind, and it’ll give you a lot more should you ever be faced with a situation in which you need to use them.

What you choose is entirely up to you, and depends on how thorough you want your emergency preparedness to be. You may just feel that you need water purification tablets and freeze dried food, in case of power loss. You might feel you want more, with survival gear, tools, shelters and the means to gather your own food, prepare and cook it.

Whatever you feel your level of emergency preparedness needs to be, it is important to take measures. UK preppers would never dare venture onto the roads without car insurance, and the idea of you and your family living without life or home insurance is unthinkable.

Now that the world really has changed, and things are not the way they once were; taking steps to ensure you are ready for any eventuality, has never been a wiser move. If you are the type who hopes for the best, whilst preparing for the worst, have a look how we can help.