In a World War, food production could come to a standstill - in this instance hunting is the only option. Please see our selection of knifes and axes to help you build traps and fires with ease.

Every prepper needs food and good knife can make hunting, skinning and butchery easy, but not only that there are many other uses for knives:

  • Tool Making - A good knife can be used to make a spear for example, either using it to create a spear point from a length of wood or simply attaching it to a length of wood and using the blade as the point itself.
  • Wood processing - For Shelter, kindling or splitting large logs or even chopping down dead tress of fire or shelter - You will be surprised at the size of log you can split with a good knife and the right knowledge - simply by using a small log to hammer a knife into a larger log you'll have plenty of fire wood in no time. We all know how important fire is and without a knife you'll struggle to build one.
  • Hammer - You can leave the knife in it's sheath and use the handle as a hammer - a hammer is likely to be needed when building shelter.
  • Digging - Although not ideal using a knife to aid digging for bait (worms) or root veg is great if you haven't got a folding shovel.

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