British Army MRE Ration Packs - 15 MAIN MEALS + 15 DESSERTS

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Genuine British Army ration pack meals.

MRE (meals ready to eat) of the highest quality. 

Made By Vestey Foods For The British Military, MOD and DofE.

Ideal for camping, hiking, backpacking, sailing, fishing, survival kits, prepping and much more. The perfect addition to your outdoor adventures!

These are the real-deal and you won't find a better price - Do not be fooled by cheaper alternatives. 

Food packaged in convenient pouches that can be consumed hot or cold. Simply heat by submerging sealed pouch into boiling water for 7-8 mins. Tear off end and eat directly out of pouch or squeeze contents into a container - Or try our flameless ration pack heaters which can heat the food ration in just 12 minutes when a source of heat is not available.

We have a great selection of flavours which can change from week to week:

Main Meals:

Meatballs and pasta
Sausage Casserole
Chilli Con Carne
Chicken Tikka Chickpeas and Rice
Vegetarian All Day Breakfast

Apple Turnover (Made by Bridgeford who supplies the British and US Army)
Blueberry Turnover (Made by Bridgeford supplies the British and US Army)

Expiry 2019+

You will receive a selection of dishes from the list above - Please leave a delivery note at check out if you do not wish to receive any particular dishes.

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