Woodland DPM Camo Body Armour Vest - Fragmentation, Flak, Trauma

World War Supplies

  • British Army Woodland DPM Camo Fragmentation Flak Trauma Body Armor Vest W25
  • Genuine NATO Military Issue DPM Camouflage Fragmentation Protective Body Armour
  • Lightweight outer cover is machine washable and designed to be hard wearing in harsh environments
  • Velcro adjustable belly and waist straps
  • Woodland DPM fabric
  • 2 gussetted front pockets 
  • This vest is complete with its Original protective panels 
  • This is not a ballistic (bullet proof vest) it is a fragmentation vest designed to prevent injury from fragmentation and blunt objects
  • Complete and ready to wear
  • Manufactured by Meggitt Defense Systems Inc, one of the worlds leading defense manufacturers


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