Cold Steel Magnum Kukri Machete

Cold Steel


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The Cold Steel Magnum Kukri Machete from is a sturdy, heavy-duty machete designed for a variety of tasks. With is anti-rust finish and 1055 carbon steel blade you can be sure this machete will stand the test of time.

Being made from the tougher 1055 carbon this machete will stay sharper for longer and a simple sharpening stone such as the Lansky 'Puck' is more than enough to maintain a sharp edge, this can be found in the 'Tools' section of this website if required.

This 'Magnum' model of the Kukri Machete comes with a 17 inch blade and weighs 500g with an overall length of 22" .

The shape of the Kukri means that it will bite deep with every stroke and cut deeper than a straight edged machete.

Comes complete with a Cor-Ex sheath for sturdiness, safety and protection.

We recommend sharpening all machetes before first use.

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