Day Ration Packs With Ration Heater - Over 1600 Calories

World War Supplies


These Self Heating Ration Packs are perfect for when your out for the day, whether it's an expedition, adventure or just work these will keep you going. Contents come in heat sealed waterproof pouch to keep your contents top quality.

With over 1600 calories per pack you are sure not to run out of steam. These are not designed for 24 hours as the recommendation is 2000 calories for females and 2500 for males per 24hrs however you could make it stretch if you had to.

Each pack contains:

Vestey Foods Ration Pack
Vestey/Bridgeford Fruit Turnover
Flameless ration Heater
Boiled Sweets
Cereal Bar
Large Hot Chocolate Powdered Drink
Instant Coffee Sachet
Tea Bag
Electrolyte Drink
2x Creamer Sachets
2x Sugar Sachets
2x Stirrers
Wet Wipe

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