'Fuel Your Preparation' Freeze Dried Food Pouches

fuel your preparation

Fuel your Preparation freeze dried long life food.
Simply add boiling water to fill line on pouch, wait 8 minutes, then enjoy your fresh tasting hearty meal!
These are ideal for storage and/or taking on expeditions where minimal weight and space is important. These packs are 100g as sold dehydrated and have the calories of a full meal (see below for calorie content of each dish).
Manufactured by European Freeze Dry who made Mountain House Foods under licence in the UK for the whole of Europe.
6-7 Years Shelf Life.
Huge selection of flavours.
Chilli Con Carne (519 Kcal)
Beef Bolognese (545 Kcal)
Salmon and Brocoli Pasta (545 Kcal)
Macaroni Cheese (539 Kcal)
Chicken Fried Rice (510 Kcal)
Chicken Tikka with Rice (546 Kcal)
Beef Stew with Potato (527 Kcal)
Vegetable Chipolte Chilli with Rice (513 Kcal)
Sweet and Sour Chicken With Rice (463 Kcal)
Chocolate Mousse with Cherry and Granola (300 Kcal)
Morning Oats with Raspberry (346 Kcal)
Custard Apple Crunch (360 Kcal)

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