Mil-Com Billy Can Nesting Set



The Mil-Com Billy Can Nesting Set is a compact and convenient billy can set that is ideal for outdoor and camping use.

The Billy Can Nesting Set contains a range of pots and frying pans of different sizes, all of which feature a folding handle and fit inside one another. This allows the Billy Can Nesting Set to pack away into its own carry bag for easy and convenient storage and transport, taking up minimal space.

The Billy Can Nesting Set frying pans have high sides that reduce any spilling and aluminium construction makes the set light weight as well as robust, ensuring that it is both hard-wearing and long-lasting.


  • 6-pint pot
  • 4-pint pot
  • 2-pint pot
  • 6.75-inch frypan
  • 6-inch frypan
  • 5-inch frypan


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