Survivor Outdoor Biscuits - 570 Calories


SURVIVOR® Outdoor Biscuits 125g, minimum shelf life 5 years, 570 kcal per pack. SURVIVOR® Outdoor Biscuits, the ideal snack for trekking, ski tours and all outdoor activities.
High energy biscuits for the field.
Ideal for preppers - emergency food storage.
Survival food at it's best - ready to eat.
Vacuum Packed
Excellent calorie-to-weight ratio.
Ideal for long term storage.The current batch has an expiry date:  29/09/2022
Used by NATO + the British, French and German Armies. 
No animal fat - ideal for vegetarians.
The perfect lightweight addition to a bug-out bag.
Great for use in blackouts, floods, wild camping, hiking, climbing expeditions, sailing adventures and much more when a quick, easy and nutritional snack is required.

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