10x Tri-Fletched Bolts For Armex® Black Hawk



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Here we have packs of 10x bolts for the unique Armex® Black hawk. They are the same size as most pistol crossbow bolts however they are steel based rather than aluminium to compensate for the extra power created by the Black Hawk. They are also tri-fletched unlike pistol bolts which are usually bi-fletched, this helps trajectory and improves accuracy.

Being made of steel increases the durability of these bolts so they will generally last much longer than the long bolts that you will find in other full sized crossbows. The steel also increases weight which means they might travel at a lower velocity than they would if you put an aluminium bolt in the same crossbow, however, it also means they pack a harder punch and are much harder to stop. 

Another point to note is that the fletches are stiff which also increases durability, rather than most large crossbow bolts having flimsy fletches that can fall off when shot into a soft target.

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